The cattery
SUNSTORM BENGAL CATTERY is located just outside Roscommon Town in the heart of the Irish countryside.
We are one of only a handful of Bengal cat breeders in Ireland.
The cattery is set on 7 acres of beautiful gardens in a very secluded area with no neighbours just peace and quiet.
We have been involved with bengals here at Sunstorm since early 2009, we started off with only 2 females and 1 male and bred just 2 litters in our first year. We really enjoyed having the kittens and with the experience we gained from it we decided to expand..
We fell in love with this breed and how it combines the really wild and exotic look of the Asian Leopard Cat but with the temperament of a domestic cat. We have decided to concentrate most our time on breeding but we do love to go to a few cat shows too. Our cats come from highest quality imported lines they have all the qualities needed to produce champions but at a affordable price.
The cattery1
Our cattery is fully central heated so very warm and cosy. All our cats have their own individual rooms and access through a cat flap to their own outdoor secure pen.
We have a lovely outdoor play area for the cats, it is 50fft long x 15ft wide. In here the cats can run, jump and play at full speed. They have great fun out there, helping to develope their mind and strengthen their muscles.

Our kittens are fed on premium quality cat food, Natural Instincts weaning paste raw chicken, Royal Canin dried kitten food, babycat then kitten 36 . 
I also give them freshly cooked chicken fillets
, raw minced beef and Porta 21 pure chicken or tuna.
The cattery2
We aim to produce happy, healthy and extremely gentle Bengals of Top Show Quality.
We welcome prospective buyers to come and view our cattery and to choose their new family member.
Or we are happy to send photo’s so a selection can be made in advance. Our kittens can be registered with the Gccfi but we prefer to register with it is an International Cat Organisation and we have many superior quality imported cats coming from worldwide and these cats are registered with T.I.C.A. It also has a similar code of ethics which must be adhered too.
The cattery3

Some of the boys like to sleep up high so we have sleeping pods for them to cosy into.


All our cats have their own scratchers, climbing tree's and shelves. Cats love to be up high.


Our cattery is light, bright and airy, but still warm and cosy with the central heating and loft insulation.

Our kittens are thoughly vet checked twice when vaccinated and come with a full health guarantee which we give a written copy of.
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