Sadie is our stunning girl from Kanpur Bengals in Canada
DOB 03/04/2019
Brown Rosetted Female


Sadie is our stunning new golden brown rosetted girl all the way from Kanpur Bengals in Vancouver Canada. We fell in love with this gorgeous girl the moment we saw her first pictures. She has amazing wild type, straight profile, puffy whisker pads, small ears, beautiful large round noctural eyes and good strong chin. Her tail is short and thick. She has great contrasting large two toned rosettes. Apart from her amazing head type what we really love about Sadie is that she has a very whited tummy which is very desirable. She has an amazing pedigree full of fabulous Bengals from the best breeders around the world. She does not carry marble, and is pure for brown colouring


Sadie is PK-Def and Pra-B N/N