Chino is our new import boy from UK
DOB 18/09/2019
Seal Mink Rosetted Male

PurebengalsGB Iced Cappuccino (Chino) is our stunning new snow boy and potential new future stud for next year. Huge thank you to his breeder our good friend from England Alison Brady for entrusting Chino to us and taking such great care of him. Chino is a stunning strong boned kitten with a beautiful expression, large eyes, medium sided rounded ears, great profile and puffy whiskers. He has a beautiful soft silky glittered coat with a light background colour and lovely big chocolate coloured rosettes. Chino was hand raised and is a big sweet, soppy boy who loves cuddles. He has a outcross pedigree for us so will work well with our girls. 

Chino is PK-Def N/N and PRA-b N/PRAb