Tia is our keeper from Grand and Mulan
DOB  25/10/2014
Black Silver Spotted Female

Tia is our stunningly beautiful Silver girl from Grand and Mulan. She is very typey with lovely domed head shape, amazing huge amber eyes, small ears, good chin and puffy whisker pads. She has large inky black rosettes with no barring, loads of acreage and a fabulous tight pelted coat. Her tail is strong and thick. Her tummy is brilliant white. Tia attended her first show at 5 months old and did fantastic, she made 9 finals including two Best Kitten, one 2nd best kitten, three 3rds, one 4th and two 5th's. In her second show and her first show as an adult, Tia was 7 times B.O.B and made Grand Champion. We are so proud of our girl. Tia carries seal lynx point from her mum.She is also a double carrier of the Apb gene which comes from the Asian leopard cat so all her kittens will be able to produce charcoal kittens.

Tia is PRA-b and PK-Def N/N