Cadbury is our stunning keeper from Choccy
D.O.B 09/10/15
Seal Mink Rosetted Female

Cadbury or Coco as we call her, is our stunning keeper girl. She is the only keeper we kept from our wonderful stud boy Pocketleopards Chocolate Heaven who bred many beautiful kittens for us, so this shows how much we love this girl. Coco is also the first charcoal mink kitten we have kept. She is a good sized girl with strong boning and thick strong tail. She has a lovely head shape, straight profile, deep well finished chin, small ears and wonderful large aqua green eyes. Coco has a beautiful pattern of large open rosettes which is quite unusual for a charcoal. She sparkles with stunning golden glitter. She has a sweet and affectionate temperament. Coco for pure for spotting so will not produce marble kittens.

Coco is PRA-b & PK-Def N/N