Kai- Male African Serval

D.O.B. : 14.10.2015

TICA Reg No. : 00S 101415 054

Kai is our amazing huge serval male. He came to us as a adult from a friend who was giving up breeding. He is a calm steady boy who is happy to be around us. Kai is a stunning stamp of male serval, big strong and robust. He isn't overly affectionate but is not at all aggressive. 

Zazie - Female African Serval

Sire : Master Clanfonzie of Bulgari

Dam : Lady Cliqout of Bulgari

D.O.B 08.07.2019

Zazie is our stunning female serval girl. She is an amazing girl who arrived here as a kitten immediately purring and giving head butts. Zazie has a fabulous bond with us due to the amount of socialisation we gave her. She loves to sit on my shoulders and to rub herself on me, I'm all hers lol. She is a total sweetheart but still has her wild genes when she feels like it.


We have 3 beautiful new female serval kittens born 27th August 2023. All are now SOLD . Pictures Below. 


We are incredibly excited to announce the arrival of our first ever litter of Serval kittens born 25th March 2022. This is the first ever litter of Serval kittens to be born in Ireland (outside of a zoo). Servals are not domestic or hybrid cats, and they are not Savannah cats, Servals are a species of small African wild cats that were used to create the Savannah breed. Our cats and kittens were not taken from the wild but are a result of many years of captive breeding programs.
These kittens have been bottle raised and given a lot of attention and socialisation and they are super friendly and affectionate. New owners will need to keep up with the socialisation for the first few months. They are now weaned onto solid food and are completely litter trained. They cannot be allowed to free roam but can be harness trained. A outside enclosure for safe outdoor play would be a great advantage. They require a completely raw and whole prey diet, day old chicks, chicken portions, whole quail, prawns/fish. They cannot eat canned, pouches or dried food. They will go to new homes at the appropriate age to be well socialised and bond with new families. 
Available as a very special pets or for Savannah breeding program. All kittens are SOLD 

Deposits can be taken for future litters.