7th and 8th November 2015
Risnsun Jaguar
was having his very first show and was still in kitten class aged 7 months, he reached 8 finals and did extremely well, the judges loved him.

Sunstorm Black Diamond was 7 times B.O.B and made three finals to become a TICA Grand Champion at just 12 months old in her first adult show

11th and 12th April 2015
Dazzledots Strike A Pose
was made Champion in her first and only show by finalling and being 3 times B.O.B

Sunstorm Black Diamond our beautiful homebred girl Tia, attended this her first show aged just 5 months old. She did fantastic, especially for a charcoal as some judges are slightly controversial towards them. Tia made 9 finals including two Best Kitten, one 2nd Best Kitten, three 3rds, one 4th and two 5th's.

22nd and 23rd November 2014 saw a large attendance of titled Bengals at the show.
Risnsun Glacier again did well with a B.O.B and made a final to secure his Quadruple Grand Championship.

24th and 25th May 2014 was one of our best show weekends to date.
Risnsun Glacier was made Double Grand Champion in his first adult show at just 11 months of age and was only 20 points off being made Triple Grand Champion.
From 9 rings he achieved 9 best in colour, 9 best in division and 7 best in breed
He reached 7 finals with 
1st best cat in speciality
2 x 2nd best cat in speciality
2nd best cat in all breed ring
3rd best cat in speciality
4th best cat in all breed ring
10th best cat in all breed ring

Sunstorm Staroftheshow our amazing home bred kitten attended only on Saturday, at only 4 months old we wanted to give her a easy introduction to the show scene. She did us extremely proud with 5 best in colour, 5 best in division and 3 best of breed reaching 4 out of 5 finals with
2nd best kitten in speciality
4th best kitten in speciality
5th best kitten in speciality
5th best kitten in all breed.
Her mum our stunning Canadian import

Dazzledots Fashion Show also made us very proud by reaching a final and becoming a Champion in her first show

18th and 19th January 2014
Sunstorm Martini on the Rocks
our stunning home bred girl made Champion in her very first show at just 11 months of age.

16th and 17th March 2013.
Dazzledots Grandstand was made Grand Champion in his very first show.
He achieved two BOB

2nd best in colour and division, 3rd best of breed
two 3rd best in colour and division
4th best in colour and division

5th best in colour and divison
2nd Best cat in two Finals and 8th best cat in a final.

Sunstorm Clouded Fudge also made Champion at just 10 months old up against some very big and titled boys.,
Sunstorm Tequila Sunrise our 5 month old kitten girl did brilliant.She was 5 times BOB and 3 times 2nd best of breed from 8 rings.She made 5 finals and got one Best kitten, one 2nd best kitten, two  3rd's and a 4th.

Another great show day Saturday 1st December 2012. We took two cats along to the December show and they did amazingly well despite us only attending for one of the two days. Fudge could not pick up any titles as she was still a kitten, but did fantastic reaching all 4 finals with 4 out of 4 best of breed. Rocky reached two finals and was placed 2nd in a all breed final and achieved Champion status. Well done babies.

Sunday 1st April 2012 was the first ever Tica cat show in Ireland, our babies made us extremely proud. They handled everything very well and came home with loads of rosettes.
Our three kittens were judged to be the best 3 bengal kittens in two of the rings and our mink boy was best overall bengal kitten at the show.